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Conejo Committee

… it’s not that serious we just a bunch of kawaii animals who love to PARTY!

The Conejo Committee inhabits and maintains Conejo Island, a virtual commune in Second Life founded by my close friend Sofa.

Conejo is divided into several smaller parcels of land owned by different residents, each with their own unique flavour and decorations. I live on my parcel Isla Piraba where I also host music events.

Some other places in Conejo include a community park, a Japanese-style bar, an onsen, and a large shared house where the committee members meet.

Sofa’s map of Conejo Island as of June 2020.

Golden Egg Ball 🥚🎵

On 2 May 2020, Sofa and I hosted the Conejo Island Golden Egg Ball, a dance party in a webcore-looking floating venue featuring my 2-hour DJ set retroactively titled “conejoBeat zero.”

Egg Ball group photo + Vampirebunny, Tanamala, Gizbo, Fries, and others dancing.


Our most recent virtual rave. View blog post.

MC Waterfairy.