Commission Information

I am open for digital art commissions. ^з ^ )/~

Choose an option below and email me with references and details. I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment—pay once I have completed a rough draft you are happy with.

All prices USD. Will draw SFW or NSFW. I may turn down any request I’m not comfortable drawing. If you would like lettering, a simple background, an icon crop, or any other specific detail—include this in the email! All prices are subject to vary—higher or lower—depending on complexity.


#1 Basic lined 🖋

$15 base + $5 per additional character. Halftones optional. Add background for $15 extra.

#2 Flat colour 🖍

$30 base + $10 per additional character. Add background for $20 extra.

#3 Basic painted 🎨

$60 base + $20 per additional character. Lettering optional.

#4 Painted with background 🌅

$90 base + $20 per additional character.

#5 iPhone notepad doodle 📝

$3 flat. These take me about 10 seconds to do. :P If you REALLY want, though …