2020.12.09, blog/conejo.

conejoBeat season 1

The redecorated conejoBeat venue in Isla Piraba. Photo taken by Lyla.

Hellooooo … 0_o It’s been a minute huh … My website actually BROKE so I wasn’t able to post about this back in October like I intended heh.

After the Egg Ball and conejoBeat+, I wanted to try something a little different … conejoBeat returned in October as a series of shorter raves—2 DJs back to back every Saturday—as conejoBeat season 1. The three mini-raves we ended up hosting went well (except when the third one got crashed), but it turned out hosting weekly raves was too much stress for the Conejo Council and I … and due to the short length of the raves, people kept asking “Is that it?” at the end of each one …

’Twas a fun experiment, but we decided our original “BIG rave not so often” format works better. SOOOO guess what we doing in February 😏 … eeyupp

Stay tuned … conejobeat.com Casa Conejo