2020.07.04, blog/conejo.

after conejoBeat+

Nezubo with a jade Waterfairy statue, in front of the conejoBeat venue.

Last Saturday I hosted conejoBeat+ with the help of Sofa and the Conejo Committee.

It was a huge success! We had a couple blips (Traktor crashes and internet cutouts), but overall everything went smoothly. About 20 mins before the show started I thought I would have to call it off b/c Traktor kept crashing, but I managed to “fix” it last minute. (It ended up crashing halfway through Tansy’s set though 🤧)

We had six sets total—I opened the show with a 10 minute set of my own music; Tanamala kicked it off with an hour-long hardcore set; Qbert with an hour of alt. electronic time signature fuckery; Nanoray with a short but sweet set of glossy futuristic house, trance, and D&B; Karma Bitch with an hour of tickly ambient brainfucking with upbeat dancy moments in between; and lastly myself—I basically just spun techno live until I tired myself out … which took about 1.5 hours. It was a lot of fun and the venue was packed! Thank you to everyone who came … and stay tuned for the next one!

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Group photo + crowd during Qbert’s set.