2020.06.25, blog/conejo.


The members of the Conejo Committee have developed a strange set of vocal tics and slang that have come to be referred to as “conejospeak.” It seems to borrow randomly from Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and other dialects of English. This is a half-serious attempt to document the slang my friends and I use.


conejo (es)(noun): “rabbit; bunny”—often used as an umbrella term for Conejo Island, Conejo Committee, and Casa Conejo.

neko (jp)(noun): “cat; feline humanoid”—see also “neko pills” and “neko mode.”

baobao (cn)(noun/verb): “hug; cuddle; embrace”

qinqin (cn)(noun/verb): “kiss”—often used as a euphemism for sex and sexual content (perhaps due to its similarity to “chinchin,” the Japanese word for “penis”).

kawaiiness (jp)(noun): “cuteness”—alt. forms “kainess,” “kawiness”; see also “kawaii flow.”

chunchy (?)(adj): The exact meaning of this word is unknown. See also “chunchiness.”

caac (?)(noun,adj,interj): The exact meaning of this word is unknown. It seems to refer to some kind of consumable item.

salamoy (ru? id?)(interj): The exact meaning of this word is unkown. It seems to be used as a greeting or expression of joy, or possibly an expletive.


Misc. grammar

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